Girls with guns is a subgenre of action films and animation—often Asian films and anime—that portray a female protagonist who makes use of firearms to defend against or attack a group of antagonists.[citation needed] The genre typically involves gun-playstunts and martial arts action.[citation needed]



The 1985 Hong Kong film Yes Madam, directed by Corey Yuen and starring Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock, has been described as the first “girls with guns” film.[1]Other films of the subgenre were produced until 1994. In the early 2000s, films part of what has been called a “girls with guns revival” cycle were produced. They included Martial Angels (2001), The Wesley’s Mysterious File (2002) and So Close (2002).[2]

Anime and manga[edit]

The “girls-with-guns” genre has also permeated the anime space. Some examples include Bubblegum Crisis,[3][4] Gall Force,[4][5] Dirty Pair,[4][5] Gunsmith Cats,[5] Angel Heart,[6] Gunslinger Girl,[5] NoirMadlax,[7] and El Cazador.[8] More recent examples of “girls with guns” anime are Masamune Shirow‘s and Mamoru Oshii‘s Ghost in the Shell and its television adaptation Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Yasuomi Umetsu’s works KiteMezzo ForteMezzo DSA, and Kite: Liberator.[9]

Video games[edit]

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